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Gigabit Wi-Fi Won’t Happen In 2014

FCC Releases A Chunk of the 5GHz Spectrum To Wi-Fi

About a month ago, on March 31, 2014, the FCC opened up another chunk of the airwaves to wi-fi communication.

As you may know, wi-fi operates in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum; in 2013, the government told the FCC they didn’t need a 100MHz chunk of the spectrum they’d been using adjacent to the wi-fi 5GHz band, so now the FCC has made that available to wi-fi, with some restrictions. Continue reading Gigabit Wi-Fi Won’t Happen In 2014

Flying In A Crab

I recently received an email from a friend; this email contained a link to a compilation YouTube video of passenger jets making hair-raising landings in horrifying crosswinds in Birmingham, England.

Here’s the video. It’ll probably scare you, too.

It brought back to me many memories of my own flying days, including the most pucker-inducing phase of flight – landing in a gusting crosswind. What follows is a bit of explanation of why this is such a tense situation. Continue reading Flying In A Crab

Moving? Nine Things You Must Have

As I write this (March/April 2014), my daughter and son-in-law and family are moving to a larger house. They are delighted to be getting the extra space, but the process of moving there is somewhat less than a joyful work.

They have packed once before, in anticipation of a move that didn’t happen, but this move is on for real. They close on the new house tomorrow. I’ve become quite accustomed to moving, having spent twenty years in the Air Force, and have learned a few things along the way about what are some good things to have on hand to make any move easier.

Here are some of the things you might want to stock up on, and some notes on how to make most effective use of them. Continue reading Moving? Nine Things You Must Have

Raising Kids – The Payoff (#1)

At some point during each parent’s kid-raising chores, they look at the sky and lament, “Why did I ever have kids?”

As of this writing (March 2014) my kids are 31 and 30, and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Every day, I thank God for the miracle He worked in helping shape these two incredible people, knowing there’s NO WAY I could have shaped them into who they are today on my own.

Why am I so proud of them?

Today, they are both responsible adults, people who make good decisions. You’ll hear more about that – making good decisions – in a later article, but for now I’ll just say these “kids” are who they are today based on the decisions they made in the past. Continue reading Raising Kids – The Payoff (#1)