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Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Turmeric.

I buy this for my arthritis.

According to the latest information, this is supposed to help prevent deterioration and perhaps actually begin to rebuild cartilage damaged by arthritis.

I’ve just now (May 2014) ordered this for the first time. I need to give it a couple of months to see how it will work.  UPDATE (Jan 2015) I have now ordered this product for about the fourth time. Before beginning to use this product, I was having to take an Aleve every other day for my arthritis neck pain. Since I began taking this supplement, I only take an Aleve once or twice a week.

I was unable to find in any local store a supplement that included both glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. It seems all they want to sell me is glucosamine hydrochloride – it must be cheaper to manufacture that way.

Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a supervitamin. It will not only keep you healthy, in large doses, it greatly increases your healing effectiveness from many illnesses.

So why “Liposomal” Vitamin C?

To be concise (you can look up details online), if you take standard vitamin C, which is a water soluble molecule, only 20% of it gets into your bloodstream through the fat-based digestive barrier. Think oil and water. Liposomal vitamin C is “encapsulated” in a fat-based carrier and therefore more than 90% of it makes it to your cells for greatly enhanced effectiveness. As of this writing, it costs about $1 per dose, but for me, it’s worth it.

White Willow Bark

One of the most effective and long-tested pain relievers is aspirin. It is also a very effective anti-inflammatory and mild blood thinner. However, this chemical, also known as acetyl salicylic acid, can upset your stomach, even to the point of causing ulcers.

The active ingredient in aspirin is salicin, which occurs naturally in the bark of the willow tree, particularly the white willow.

The native American tribes of pre-colonial times understood the analgesic properties of this natural medicine, often chewing willow twigs to alleviate pain.

This extract of white willow bark provides (almost?) all the pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and blood-thinning properties of aspirin, without the acid and the consequent stomach upset.

Acetyl L-Carnitine Capsules

In all my extensive reading on how to maintain one’s health, one of the more knowledgeable advisors I read recommended we take L-Carnitine supplements regularly, because it is an amino acid that is one of the building blocks of heart muscle, and helps metabolize long-chain fatty acids such as triglycerides into energy.

Further research showed me the Acetyl formulation is more easily absorbed, and can also act as an appetite suppresant. That sold me. I’ve been taking L-Carnitine for several years now, and the link at the right is currently the one I take.

Vitamin K2

This vitamin is absolutely essential if you take vitamin D3, because it acts as a booster for that vitamin, making it much more effective. Several highly-respected physicians say, “If you take vitamin D, you should also be taking vitamin K2.”

K2 is also essential for bone health, in that it helps keep your bones strong and prevents osteoporosis by facilitating the transport of calcium into bone tissue. This lets the calcium in your bloodstream be applied to strengthening your bones instead of being deposited as plaque in your arteries, helping lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Salt Pills

Believe it or not, my Mom suffers from low sodium in her blood. True. The normal sodium range is from 135 to 145 (I think) mcg, and she actually had to go into the hospital for dizziness and headache and other symptoms, and the lab tests showed her sodium level at 115mcg.

The doc tried to give us a prescription for sodium chloride pills, but the pharmacy said they weren’t covered by insurance, and so a 90-day supply would cost SEVENTY DOLLARS! I about gagged. I told them, “I am NOT paying $70 for table salt! That’s ridiculous.”

I remembered at summer camp, they gave us salt pills to guard against heat stroke or dehydration, so I looked on line and found these. They work great, and I get 100 of them for less than $12.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

We use this filter in our refrigerator. One filter lasts about six months.

I think it has a timer inside the fridge to tell us to change the filter, and not a contamination sensor, as would be more logical. Why should we change the filter if it doesn’t need changing? And what if it gets overly contaminated before the timer says it’s time to change?

The price seems a bit expensive for the six month period, but hey. It is what it is. Not like we have a choice.

The 1-pack is available through Amazon Prime, which has free shipping; the 3-pack, which runs $84.45 (as of May 2014) is not on Prime and has a $5.52 shipping fee.

Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries

I get these for my Mom’s hearing aids. They work just fine, and seem to strike the best balance between a good price and a decent quality. (I used to have Ray-o-vac batteries listed here, but that link went away, so now have linked to the Amazon Basics batteries. As of Dec 2016 we get 60 batteries for $14.97 with free Prime shipping.

My Mom seems happy with them.

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