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Communication is one of the most important yet least developed skills anyone can have. Articles and thoughts on those skills here.

Communication Styles

Here’s an emai I just wrote to a friend. It seemed worthy of being posted here.

Methods of CommunicationI’ve been thinking recently about communication styles, most particularly since I got a text message a couple weeks ago about communicating with others in their preferred styles.

I’d like to share with you how and why I use various styles of communication. I’m always open to learning new things and changing my preferences, and I would very much value your thoughts on this as well.

There are currently only a few main styles of communicating Continue reading Communication Styles

Dealing With Motormouths

In my previous post, Learning To Listen, I talked about how important it is to listen, yet how few people truly know how to do that.

This brought up the question in my mind, “What do we do when confronted with a person who won’t stop talking?”

We’ve all had instances in which someone latches on to us and tries to unload everything they know. The details of their latest operation. The latest happenings with their kids or grandkids. Complaints about their job, their coworkers, or the food.

We realize it’s important to listen, but where’s the limit? Continue reading Dealing With Motormouths