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The 2022 Water Heater … Adventure

Last night, as I write this, my wife said, “I think our water heater needs to be relit.”  Well, that was not surprising, because we installed this water heater in 2009, about 13 years ago, and over the last few months, it seemed I was having to relight it more and more often.

I’m not quite sure WHY I had to relight it, other than it seemed the pilot light went out (yes, it’s a gas water heater), and when that happens, the consarn thing just doesn’t work.
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One-Person Wilderness SAR Vehicle

A Concept For a

ONE-PERSON SAR Aviation Vehicle

This page is here to share with the world an IDEA I’ve had that could revolutionize wildreness SAR (Search and Rescue).  The genesis of the idea came from a book I’m currently listening to,  The Cold Vanish, by Jon Billman, and by a couple of streaming series I am also currently watching.

All of these are about searching for and hopefully rescuing people who go missing in wilderness areas, and right off the bat, it seems to me one of the biggest obstacles to conducting these search and rescue operations is the terrain. It is nearly always far away from civilzation, and extremely difficult to get to.
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