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This Magnetic Patriot website and blog are set up to be a place for me – David Miller – to share with the world many of the things that need sharing.

I believe in people, I believe in freedom, and I believe in our country. I also believe a lot more people feel this way than let on, despite the hair-on-fire alarmists who screech about how horrible everything is, and if we don’t (do whatever they want) that (insert something eminently dire here) is going to happen.

Because I believe in our country, in our constitution, and in our freedoms, you can call me a patriot.

Because I believe this sort of patriotism attracts others, you can say this patriotism is magnetic. Hence the name of the site, and the blog.

Because I believe in America, and Freedom, and in people, I frequenty get exasperated at politicians, and at businesses who use their strength and political shenannigans to milk every penny possible from customers.

Politicians’ main agendas these days seems to be to simply gather more and more power, so they can be more and more in control of you and me and what we do, have, think, and are. Because of this, I am mostly anti-politics of any kind, and anti-politicians who fit this mold.

Where are the days when people voted and acted based on what’s best for the country, best for everyone, instead of just what’s best for me?

While I strongly believe that a society in which everyone is helpful and cooperative and willing to work for the greater good will ultimately yield better lives for all, I’m practical enough to know there are always going to be those who are greedy, selfish, almost sociopathic, who have no qualms about advancing their own interests by stepping on others.

Some of these people step on others by cheating or shortchanging them. Others wouldn’t balk at committing murder.

It is because of these people that we have laws. Of course, having laws means you have to have law enforcement, and who is it again to enact those laws? Oh, right. Politicians.

So what do we do when those politicians are themselves greedy and selfish and borderline sociopathic? Elect someone else? Good luck with that.

Enough of the political rant. The purpose of this blog is to share with whoever wants to read it some of my experiences and learnings from many decades of experience in life. I pray these words are of some help and possible comfort to my readers.


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