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One-Person Wilderness SAR Vehicle

A Concept For a

ONE-PERSON SAR Aviation Vehicle

This page is here to share with the world an IDEA I’ve had that could revolutionize wildreness SAR (Search and Rescue).  The genesis of the idea came from a book I’m currently listening to,  The Cold Vanish, by Jon Billman, and by a couple of streaming series I am also currently watching.

All of these are about searching for and hopefully rescuing people who go missing in wilderness areas, and right off the bat, it seems to me one of the biggest obstacles to conducting these search and rescue operations is the terrain. It is nearly always far away from civilzation, and extremely difficult to get to.
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Kindle Paperwhite

I love reading. My mom tells me I’ve been reading since I was three years old. She would catch me reading when I should have been sleeping, and my kids were the same way. Now it seems my grandkids are picking up the torch and carrying on in this tradition.

Too Many Books

As a veteran of 20 years in the Air Force, I have many moves under my belt, and I can tell you as someone who loves to read, and consequently accumulates books, moving a hundred or more boxes of books is no picnic.

However,  you can’t just throw away books! You’ve spent good money on those books, you’ve spent hours of your time reading them, they are more than friends. They are part of your family. Like family members,  you would be happy to see them move on to other lives with other people who love them, but you don’t just discard them. Continue reading Kindle Paperwhite