Gigabit Wi-Fi Won’t Happen In 2014

FCC Releases A Chunk of the 5GHz Spectrum To Wi-Fi

About a month ago, on March 31, 2014, the FCC opened up another chunk of the airwaves to wi-fi communication.

As you may know, wi-fi operates in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum; in 2013, the government told the FCC they didn’t need a 100MHz chunk of the spectrum they’d been using adjacent to the wi-fi 5GHz band, so now the FCC has made that available to wi-fi, with some restrictions. Continue reading Gigabit Wi-Fi Won’t Happen In 2014

Independent Thinker? Or Worker Bee?

In a recent newsletter, I read an essay by Richard Maybury, entitled “Why Are They So Ruthless?” In this article, Maybury provides compelling evidence that socialism is alive and thriving – not economically, but in our education system today.

He presents the case that for thousands of years before the industrial revolution, young parents were so involved in scrabbling for a living that it was left up to the grandparents to raise the kids. This was a good thing, because as we all know, young parents are naive and inexperienced, while grandparents have a broader perspective on life and the world.

However, with the dawn of the 20th century, mostly as a result of government monetary policy, the extended family faded as parents chased jobs all over the landscape,  leaving only the nuclear family within visiting distance. Extended family was too remote to be of influence or help. Continue reading Independent Thinker? Or Worker Bee?

Flying In A Crab

I recently received an email from a friend; this email contained a link to a compilation YouTube video of passenger jets making hair-raising landings in horrifying crosswinds in Birmingham, England.

Here’s the video. It’ll probably scare you, too.

It brought back to me many memories of my own flying days, including the most pucker-inducing phase of flight – landing in a gusting crosswind. What follows is a bit of explanation of why this is such a tense situation. Continue reading Flying In A Crab

The Fear of “Not Like Me”

I’ve been thinking a lot recently – actually, a lot on this topic since college days, but also a lot recently – about all these differences between people that some folks seem so frightened of.

What follows is just my opinion, no matter how valid I think it is.

This fear is really stupid, and it’s exhibiting a lower level of civilization than most humans should allow. It’s nothing more than xenophobia, which is understandable as a survival characteristic in lower life forms, but should be outgrown by adult humans.

People are comfortable with what they know, what they’re familiar with, and are afraid of anything different. The fear is unjustified, but that doesn’t make it go away. Continue reading The Fear of “Not Like Me”