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Printer-Buying Saga

Like most people who have dealt with or worked on computers for any length of time, I have been through quite a saga when it comes to

“Which printer should I buy?”

There are hundreds and hundreds of printers on the market, each trumpeting why they’re the one you should buy.

Sorry, I can’t tell you which printer you should buy, but I can share with you the “Printer-Buying Saga” I went through, in the hopes that it will save you some of the hassles I endured. Continue reading Printer-Buying Saga

Cutting the Cable – and Saving over $2,000 a Year

Image: No To Cable TVWhen I first got internet from the cable company, gee, maybe 20 years ago?… it cost me $34 a month, and I thought that was outrageous. At the time I was paying AOL $23 a month for phone dial-up access, so it was quite a jump. But it was worth it for the increase in speed. Back in AOL days, it would take a long time to download a file of even a couple megabytes. Continue reading Cutting the Cable – and Saving over $2,000 a Year