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Independent Thinker? Or Worker Bee?

In a recent newsletter, I read an essay by Richard Maybury, entitled “Why Are They So Ruthless?” In this article, Maybury provides compelling evidence that socialism is alive and thriving – not economically, but in our education system today.

He presents the case that for thousands of years before the industrial revolution, young parents were so involved in scrabbling for a living that it was left up to the grandparents to raise the kids. This was a good thing, because as we all know, young parents are naive and inexperienced, while grandparents have a broader perspective on life and the world.

However, with the dawn of the 20th century, mostly as a result of government monetary policy, the extended family faded as parents chased jobs all over the landscape,  leaving only the nuclear family within visiting distance. Extended family was too remote to be of influence or help. Continue reading Independent Thinker? Or Worker Bee?