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Thoughts and discussion on how we judge others, and how we ourselves should be judged.

What Is Prejudice?

I was listening to the wives of some friends a few weeks ago, when one of them said to the other, with a snort, “Men! They’re all alike.”

Of course, this was said with a certain degree of levity, but also with a good measure of seriousness.

This brought to mind many similar generalizations I’ve heard over the years, expressing opinions – usually derogatory – about an entire grouping of people. Continue reading What Is Prejudice?

The Fear of “Not Like Me”

I’ve been thinking a lot recently – actually, a lot on this topic since college days, but also a lot recently – about all these differences between people that some folks seem so frightened of.

What follows is just my opinion, no matter how valid I think it is.

This fear is really stupid, and it’s exhibiting a lower level of civilization than most humans should allow. It’s nothing more than xenophobia, which is understandable as a survival characteristic in lower life forms, but should be outgrown by adult humans.

People are comfortable with what they know, what they’re familiar with, and are afraid of anything different. The fear is unjustified, but that doesn’t make it go away. Continue reading The Fear of “Not Like Me”