Vacation Travelogue – September 2016

vacation-map-sep-16For the first time in years, actually decades, my wife and I finally took a real vacation. Sure, we’ve done lots of travel over the years, but in these days of widely dispersed families, pretty much all our non-business travel has been to go visit family.

Not that there’s anything wrong with visiting family. We love them, and we love visiting them. But visiting family really cannot be considered as a “real” vacation.

This posting is the central index for a series of six other postings that relate our travelogue of this vacation, including both stories and images from this trip. Continue reading Vacation Travelogue – September 2016

Printer-Buying Saga

Like most people who have dealt with or worked on computers for any length of time, I have been through quite a saga when it comes to

“Which printer should I buy?”

There are hundreds and hundreds of printers on the market, each trumpeting why they’re the one you should buy.

Sorry, I can’t tell you which printer you should buy, but I can share with you the “Printer-Buying Saga” I went through, in the hopes that it will save you some of the hassles I endured. Continue reading Printer-Buying Saga

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