Trying Out HitTail, Part 4

Six Weeks In

It has now been right about six weeks since I began trying out the HitTail Keyword SEO service.  So far, I would give them a grade of about a C+.

I have submitted three sites to the service for them to suggest keywords. For one site, my own web design service (,  there have been ZERO recommendations in the six week period. They say my site might not have enough traffic, which could well be true.

DMWD LogoThe second site is one of my Web Design clients, and for that site, they have given five recommendations, all one-star (the lowest recommendation). I have not done anything with those recommendations, as they all seemed to me to be rather feeble.

The third site is another client, a janitorial service in Tulsa, For this site, HitTail has given 11 recommended keywords, nine of which are one-star, and two of which are five-star.Five Star Ratings
HitTail’s advice on where to go from this point is to have blog articles written for these keywords, and post them on the blog of the subject website. In their promotional information, they say we are ALMOST guaranteed to rank on the first page – here are their own words: “If you target the keyword suggestions provided by HitTail in just one article or blog post, you are almost guaranteed to rank on the first page for those keywords.”

I Am Disappointed

So far, I have spent $38 on two articles from HitTail for the Clempire website, and I must say, I’m disappointed.

As I understand it, blog posts are supposed to be interesting and informative. They are supposed to have value. They are supposed to make interesting reading to a site visitor.

These are not that.

The articles I bought from HitTail are nothing but puff pieces.  I expected more.HitTail Aricles Do Not Add Value

I expected information, interest, … value.

Instead, what I got was their version of “Woo-hoo look at how great we are!” with the subject keyword sprinkled somewhat liberally throughout the piece.

If this worked, if this fulfilled their “almost guarantee” to get the website on the first page for that keyword, it might have been worth it.  However, when I typed in the keyword for the article I had written about two weeks ago, the website was still ranked at the bottom of the third page of Google.

It Takes TImeYes, I know it takes time. I know I should probably give it six to eight weeks, with consistent new articles, for the rankings to improve.

But at this point I can’t say more than “I’m disappointed.”

I will continue to use and evaluate the HitTail keyword advice service, and we will just see if it pays any more ranking dividends in the long run.


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