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Articles and discussions on various experiences with investing “opportunities”

Investing Part 1 – Getting Started

Everyone KNOWS they ought to be investing, but few of us do it as we should.

Why not? Mostly fear. Fear of loss, fear of the unknown. This series of articles is intended for people who are absolute beginners at investing, people who might like to start investing, but don’t think they know enough about it.

We’ll start from the very beginning.

I won’t give you too much at once, and I won’t let it get too complex. I’ll tell you about it as though I were telling my mother, or perhaps an interested fifteen-year-old. I’ll assume you’re reasonably intelligent, and hopefully, we’ll have some fun as well.

Deal? Okay, good. Let’s get started. Continue reading Investing Part 1 – Getting Started

Beware of Stansberry Associates

Original post: Dec 21, 2015
Latest Update: May 12, 2016

Have you ever had an association with a business that does some things excellently, but also does other things that make you want to run away screaming in frustration?

I have felt that way about the cable TV company (see the posting on Cutting the Cable), about the phone company, about car dealerships, and I feel that way about Stansberry Associates, an investment advisory newsletter service. Continue reading Beware of Stansberry Associates