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This morning, I read an article where the author, Dr. Joseph Mercola, made the statement, “Pandemic lethality has been oversold across the globe, as total mortality for 2020 has not spiked above norms.

He had also made a similar statement earlier, and I wondered exactly how true it was.

By the way, that article can be found here, and I would encourage you to read that article and subscribe to his site, as it seems his is one of the only sites that is not being censored by the politicized media, big tech, and government agencies promoting a COVID-19 narrative. He provides some excellent and well-researched and referenced health information. You will need to register for the site so you can read the articles, but my experience (nearly 4 years now) has been that they DO NOT sell your email address to anyone else, and they only send you notices of new posts, from which you can easily unsubscribe if you wish. On the other hand, the writer does have two characteristics that make the site less than totally appealing to me – Continue reading PANDEMIC THOUGHTS – Part 1