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Trying Out HitTail

I have just gotten approval to try out a new (to me) piece of software called HitTail. As a condition of trying this out, I agreed to write about it. This article is the first in what will be a series about the HitTail software.

Even though they are allowing me to try it out at no charge, I intend to be totally honest in my review. If it stinks, I’ll say so. If it’s the best ever, I’ll tell you that as well. Let’s start with some orientation, especially for those readers who aren’t geeks like me. Continue reading Trying Out HitTail

Writing: A Decaying Skill In The New Millennium

One of the things I’ve noticed over the last few months is how in writing – these days apparent mostly in emails or in online posts, how few people have good writing skills.

At the time I told a friend that she was one of the only people in the our community band who could write so it sounds personal and colloquial, like you’re chatting face to face; with almost all other people who write emails, their writing sounds formal or awkward.

If someone can write well today, it puts them way ahead of just about everyone else. Continue reading Writing: A Decaying Skill In The New Millennium

Gigabit Wi-Fi Won’t Happen In 2014

FCC Releases A Chunk of the 5GHz Spectrum To Wi-Fi

About a month ago, on March 31, 2014, the FCC opened up another chunk of the airwaves to wi-fi communication.

As you may know, wi-fi operates in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum; in 2013, the government told the FCC they didn’t need a 100MHz chunk of the spectrum they’d been using adjacent to the wi-fi 5GHz band, so now the FCC has made that available to wi-fi, with some restrictions. Continue reading Gigabit Wi-Fi Won’t Happen In 2014